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Aqua Farming: New But Best Culture of Producing Organic Foods

Aqua Farming is newly developed system of food production. Through this system, the organic food produced are aquatic animals like fishes, shells and vegetables such as tomato, sprouts, wheat grass, watercress, lettuces basil, Swiss chard and so on.

Aqua Farming

It the best combing science and old tradition with application of state-of-the art technology and no chemical fertilizers. In the system of yielding crops and animals for food, intensive farming is practiced. With an aim of maximum utilization of land, it takes less land to produce foods. Being compatible for producing foods on small land without usage of chemical fertilizers, it is eco-friendly way of growing vegetables and fresh water animals for food.

Aqua Farming which is also known as Aquaculture, is the farming of aquatic organisms such as aquatic animals and plants together. It involves producing aquatic populations in controlled way using different methods including aquaponics, mariculture and integrated methods. Mariculture is the process of producing water organisms in marine environment and in underwater habitats. Likewise, aquaponics is another but the most important method of aqua farming. In this system fishes and plants are produced together. For this a pond is made to raise fishes connected to beds which is used for growing vegetables. Thus, the water of pond containing waste of fishes is pumped into beds for irrigation. In this process no chemical fertilizer is used as fish waste which contains ammonium nitrate reaches into beds where bacteria present breaks it into nitrogen oxide that is absorbed as nitrogen by plants.

Foods yielded through aquaculture contain vital nutrients without contamination of chemicals. With production of quality foods without using any chemicals and insecticide, this is the most effective method to sustain the quality foods for all in the 21st century. As a testimonial, in 2004 aqua farming produced one third of total fishes consumed by humans. Aquaculture or aqua farming has grown at an average rate of 8 percent globally. While, the part of wild fishes in fish production has been flat. Its market has reached to $ 86 billion.

With having a great contribution in world economy, aquaculture is one of the most important economic activities in several parts of the world like china, USA. In the 2005 accounted for 90 percent of world production. Yet USA is one of the fastest emerging areas in the production of aquatic foods. Of total consumption of shrimps in the USA, 90 percent come from aqua farming.

by Anoop Srivastava

Aqua Oasis Farms team comprise of personnel with experience in organic Aquaponics farming, and business with strong focus on engineering and technology.


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