Latest news on organic food and healthy living

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The latest news on organic food and healthy living

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What Exactly is Organic Toothpaste

Most natural health care consumers think of organic toothpaste as free of any irritating or damaging ingredients that are either harmful to themselves or the environment. They also understand that many natural types of...

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Why Is Organic Food Good For You?

Eating healthy can mean doing a number of things including choosing vegetables, eating whole grain foods and even lean meats. When you are figuring out what type of food to buy yourself there is...

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Basil – fascinating taste of herbs

Basil (lat. Ocimum basilicum) is a shrub-like and very fragrant plant, oval and usually green leaves. There are about sixty varieties of basil are all different in appearance and taste. It grows in various...

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Five Reasons To Eat Organic Eggs

Although eggs are associated with being high in cholesterol, they conversely contain many nutrients that benefit the human body. When eaten in moderation, the benefits of eating eggs outweigh the negatives; furthermore, the benefits...