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Why Is Organic Food Good For You?

Eating healthy can mean doing a number of things including choosing vegetables, eating whole grain foods and even lean meats. When you are figuring out what type of food to buy yourself there is something different to consider, do you buy organic food?

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There is a huge debate as to whether organic food is actually good for you and whether it still has the same great taste of foods that aren’t organic. So now we take a look into whether organic foods are good for you. Eating healty.

Environmentally Friendly

Firstly, we start with why organic foods are better for the environment. Foods that are not organic raise a huge concern for the environment, as chemicals and pesticides used in order to fertilize our food cause unnecessary pollution. With science now playing a major role in todays generation, it has played a major role in trying to “improve” farming and crops, but have had the opposite affect. Even though it has been regarded as safe, genetically modified organisms do cause a concern.

Organic foods also help preserve the local wildlife. Because it avoids using chemicals that are toxic, meaning that local wildlife is now able to be in their natural habitat.


If you haven’t noticed some companies often concentrate on the fact that their products are “GMO free” or have “no artificial preservatives” making the foods a lot safer to consume. Even though the U.S Food and Drug Administration have claimed GMOs are safe there has been major research indicating that it has a direct affect on your body.

Consuming GMOs have been related to food allergens as well as relating to intestinal problems. The more technology we have, the more we are able to see the benefits and disadvantages of certain products. People believe that altering the DNA of certain plants could have huge cancer risks, but there has been little evidence thus far.

Organic = Healthy

Organic foods are for those that do not want their foods containing chemicals, preservatives, additives or any pesticides. Or at least leaving them to a minimum. You would definitely want to eating healty foods that are not involved in the soaking of chemicals or are genetically modified. Organic foods are designed to give your body the nutrition it requires and farmers use strict guidelines to grow organic foods naturally.

Not containing any chemicals is only one of the benefits, as organic food is often fresher and are completely GMO-free!

With the debate raging on, organic foods are somewhat safer. Organic foods provide a balance, as well as health and nutrition for your body. If you are looking to eat healthy and look after your body, organic foods are more efficient, better for the environment, chemical free and fresh.

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