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Fast Ride to Winemaking

In the 5400 BC, people at that age tend to crush wines using their feet. This really happened before machines for wine press were first invented. There were a lot of evidences showing how people in the ancient times stood in the giant vats stomping those grapes. At that time, this is just a common way to winemaking.

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Wine pressing is remarkably the hardest part of winemaking. This was the only way for those ancient people to press wines in order to remove the bitter part of tannins in the seeds of grapes. In that way, stomping grapes using their feet was the perfect pressure to be exerted in pressing grapes. However, in these modern days, it is strictly prohibited in America due to some hygienic reasons.

In a world that’s growing vast, these are the general things you need to know to achieve the right pressing of wines and their succeeding process.

Choosing Fresh Grapes

It becomes satisfying in your part when you have picked the first and fresh batch of grapes. There are varieties of grapes you can opt from. And, this depends on what place you are into. In U.S., a type of grape named Vitis Vinifera is actively grown and is the classic choice for historic authenticity. Vitis Vinifera might not be suitable for very cold places. However, you can still start them by choosing fine and hybrid v. vinifera that can resist wetter conditions.

Examining Grapes

To get a further inspection of grapes, get the right amount of sugar levels by using hydrometer. There are supply shops which help give the right tools for your inspection (see also personalized wine labels). The sugar level should be at a specific gravity of 1.0892 to get the right amount of sweetness. The normal alcohol level should be at around 11%.

Get the appropriate sanitation.

Achieving the right sanitary environment should be considered a priority for the safety of the ones who might consume it. To perceive this, better to put tablespoons of sulphite solutions to maintain sanitation. Grapes must also be free from all insects that may stick to the grapes. Stems are preferably removed to restrain it from tasting bitter.

Control acidity.

Acidity also has the control of wines to age. The higher the acidity of wines, the lighter they sound in the body as it is being drunk. First batch of picked grapes are more likely to have higher acidity in pH. Also, grapes that naturally grow in cooler places tend to bring off this kind of acidity. Commonly, wine’s range of pH is either 3 or 4 pH. But, control must prevail.

Pressure pressed on wines

As what are being mentioned on the first lines, people in the ancient times stomp grapes on their feet because body-lifted pressure is light and perfect for winemaking. However, this is not advisable because we are now breaking the point in the 3rd tip. You can always go for basket and bladder pressing. Some go for mechanical press. But, all goes with the combination of arts and sciences to come up with a quality wine.

It is always recommended to use organic and natural ingredients for wine making for best results. This is one way of acknowledging that your drink has health benefits and good for your body. According to the American Heart Association, these health benefits also come from moderate wine consumption at least 2 to 4 ounce glasses a day. These health benefits include:

  • Longer Lifespan and Anti-Aging

  • Reduce the Risk of Heart Attack

  • Reduce the risk of diabetes

  • Lower risk of stroke

  • Lower risk of Colon Cancer and many more!

The organic wine is identified as 100% percent organically planted grapes, apples and other fruits and no synthetic chemicals were used in it at any succeeding stage of processing or storage. The added benefit of organic wines is that you will be able to protect yourself from harmful chemicals and a better metabolism providing you a strong immune system. Most wine enthusiasts prefer this and consider the best wines as for preservation in a long time that taste gets better.

Now that we’re on the fast paced world were everything seems fast changing and upgrading into something better and convenient. Machines for wine making are not exempted of that and even wine accessories, technique of storage and devices used for wine enjoyment have been innovating. Considering the large number of companies producing different type of wines around the world, wine lovers has a wide-selection to choose from. Hence, it’s up to you what you pick and how well you read each labels for the alcohol content of each wine. These drinks are not just for entertainment, holidays and killing your lonely nights. Most people specially the old one consume wine for health purposes and anti-depression. So, you’d rather choose the best one that will satisfy your thirst and gives you long life. Who said, wine can’t hit two birds with one stone?

Author’s Bio:

Zoe Moore is a Researcher and a Wine Specialist in New Jersey. She’s currently writing for Wine Devices whose sole purpose is to provide a comprehensive product line of wine accessories to all wine enthusiasts.

Foto: by Jay Wennington

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