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Graviola – Natural Cancer Killer

Topping the list of powerful anticancer plants, according to experts, is the graviola (Annona muricata), a plant in Central and South America. Graviola(Soursop) is an evergreen plant mild and pleasant taste reminiscent of strawberry yogurt, combined with pineapple and banana.

Graviola - Soursop

It grows in areas of high humidity with relatively warm winters, because they do not tolerate temperatures below five degrees. At low temperatures the leaves and small branches also suffer irreversible damage, losing valuable medicinal ingredients. The healing the whole plant especially the fruit of whose extracts are produced tablets medical graviola. In Peruvian Amazonia the tea leaves of graviola is used as a sedative and to treat diabetes, while in the Brazilian Amazonia the tea used to treat liver. In India, it recommended for better sleep, the disease of bile and cold, but also as a means to quickly sobering. In Africa, its application is as a pain reliever and as a cure for pediatric fever.

Modern research has shown that graviola has a strong anticancer effect. If you believe the researchers, graviola effectively kills cancer cells, and even ten thousand times stronger compared to modern drugs used in chemotherapy. In contrast to chemotherapeutic agents which destroy healthy cells, this plant destructive act solely on the cancer cells. Laboratory tests have shown that extracts from Graviola tree kills malignant cells 12 types of cancer, including cancers of the colon, breast, prostate, lung and pancreas.

In the treatment of malignant diseases operates at several levels – destroys cancer cells without harmful side effects such as nausea, weight loss and hair. At the same time, protects the immune system, helps to avoid lethal infections, restoring normal work of the organs, restores vital energy and a positive outlook on life. Has positively influence to the internal organs, successfully fights fungi, bacteria and parasites, relieves depressive states and acts calming the nervous system, regulates blood pressure. South American Indians, among others, used to treat heart failure, asthma, arthritis …

Besides anti-cancer ingredients, ripe fruits are rich in vitamins C, B1 and B2, as well as mineral phosphorus. The occurrence of non-standard form of Parkinson’s disease is referred to only undesirable, if graviola consumed in unlimited quantities. This is caused by high concentrations of anonacina, a substance that is associated with certain forms of Parkinson’s disease.


To preserve people’s health or fully recover the body, even when it comes to severe forms of the disease, experts recommend that every day should be used tablets medical graviola, three times a day.

May be administered three times per day, two tablets of 500 mg of this plant, or three times per one tablet of 900 or 1000 mg.

Excellent anti-cancer drug

Graviola is currently located at top of the list of plants with anticancer effect, which in the future may have a big impact when it comes to treating cancer with the help of natural resources.

Modern research conducted on this Amazonian plant promising, though still little is known about what role graviola had in the prevention and treatment of cancer. Firstly, for now it is not easy to say whether it would in this case be used alone plant extract or a combination with pharmaceutical agents against cancer. Then, what would be the mode of administration, duration of treatment and the like.

In any case, it is undeniable that the plant shown graviola has potent anti-carcinogenic effect on the organism.

In support of that graviola is a miracle of plants mostly scientific research in which it was observed that it effectively kills cancer cells, and that, believe it or not, 10,000 times stronger than modern drugs used for chemotherapy. And not only that. Unlike chemotherapy, graviola destructive operates exclusively and only in the cancer cells so that at the same time does not leave a detrimental effects on the organism of any unwanted side effects. On the contrary, has a positive effect on the immune system.


To preserve people’s health or fully recover the body, even when it comes to severe forms of the disease, experts recommend that every day should I take medical graviola three times a day.

 Tablets medical graviola which are produced from the extract of the seeds and fruit are effective in the treatment of serious diseases and more preferably from ordinary graviola in sheets, liquids and powders that are mostly unchecked origin and no curative properties. In many cases, selling fake graviola in leaves or powder that is actually usually dried and pulverized leaves some harmless domestic plants.

After a month of taking graviola says the break of a week.

Graviola is consumed an hour before a meal with the required vitamin C in order to effect graviola be more effective.

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