Toxic-free Diet: Organic Dairy Products - excellent lifestyle choice

Toxic-free Diet: Make it Possible with Organic Dairy Products

The consumption of organic dairy products sourced from organically-fed and bred cows has proven that it is possible to thrive on toxic-free diets.

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Organic Dairy Products has forever been an indispensable part of daily nutrition ever since childhood. However, the concept of organic dairy is now being swept in by the latest lifestyle fad of clean eating. The trend of clean eating has given birth to an entire breed of health-conscious customers who are looking twice at food packages for ‘organic’ and ‘preservative-free’ labels. The emergence of environmental protection concerns and the enhanced awareness for toxin-free food products has led to the inclusion of organic dairy foods and drinks in daily diets.

Milk and milk products derived from cattle who are fed with organically certified fodder have proved to possess a significantly healthier nutritional profile than conventionally-derived milk. The organic dairy food and drinks market is evolving quickly to cater to an increasing base of organic food consumers. According to expert analysts at Allied Market Research, the entire market is estimated to reach $36,729 million by 2022.

Organic milk products rapidly becoming mainstream as a part of the clean eating lifestyle. The milk is derived from cattle that are grazed on pesticide-free pastures. Not only this but the use of antibiotics on animals, along with the injection of steroids or other hormone-altering medicines also a strict no-no. The outcome is the production of dairy that is free from toxins and bacteria, and has a considerably better omega fatty acid profile. The consumption of this organic milk products will not only ensure a better cardiovascular health but also contribute effectively towards sustainable environmental protection.

The majority of dairy giants in the industry are foraying into the organic dairy products race and have come up with exceptionally innovative products that are increasingly appealing to consumers. Organic dairy products, such as cream, cheese, yogurt, butter, and ice-cream, flood the market with their range of unique flavors and competitive prices.

Organic ice-cream? Why not?

What is even better than conventional dairy ice-creams? Definitely organic ice-cream! With the diverse flavors and brands of organic ice-creams available in the market, consumers today are spoilt for choice. As more and more customer are warming up to the idea of this concept, the shelves of supermarket stores and retail outlets are running out of this cold treat. By processing ice-cream from organic milk and added flavors that are organically sourced, these products also boast of a naturally sweetened flavor without added preservatives and a comparatively lower calorie count.

Big brands, such as Ben & Jerry’s, Straus family Creamery, Humboldt, Whole Foods 365 Organic, Alden, and Organic Valley are going wild with flavors, in terms of innovation and delicious tasting ice-creams. Not just limiting themselves to the traditional vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry flavors, these brands have launched organic ice-creams with flavors as diverse as mint chocolate chip, salted caramel, brown sugar banana, coffee-chocolate, cookies & cream, and green tea flavors. Opting for organic ice-creams to satisfy your cravings will not be a bad idea after all.

Savor the goodness of organic full-fat yogurt

Apart from being an excellent source of protein, full-fat yogurt made from organic milk constitutes good bacteria. Organic yogurt is specifically recommended for its nutritive benefits. With an organic source for the dairy content, it contains a lot of healthy supportive fatty acids including conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). Including a serving of organic high-fat yogurt that is unsweetened or naturally sweetened can potentially meet nearly half of your body’s daily mineral requirements. The goodness of this dairy product promises to build healthier bones and can considerably improve the functioning of the digestive tract. Not just this, the consumption of full-fat yogurt has also proved to reduce the risk of colorectal cancer, due to the presence of linoleic acid.

It is also recommended to use full-fat organic yogurt in baking ingredients as an alternative to butter or eggs. There is no end to the uses of this Organic Dairy Products in your kitchens. It can also be used as spread or dips for salads and finger food. This is a much healthier alternative when combined with fresh organic ingredients, as compared to ready-made processed products. For the number of vegans and lactose-intolerant populace, the dairy companies are also introducing dairy alternatives sourced from organic soy, almonds, and coconut. By proving its mettle in being a nutritive inclusion into diets, the organic yogurt products are set to earn major revenues for the market.

Cheese anyone?

Bite into that cheesy burger now without any guilt. An entire range of organic cheese is making its way into supermarkets and ushering in a whole new era of conscious eating. Any organic cheese, whether flavored or unflavored, is much safer to eat than conventionally-made cheese. This is mainly because it is derived from cows who are fed with organic grass free from synthetic chemicals. Moreover, every product that is to be labeled as organic has to be certified as a non-GMO product. Organic Valley is one of first dairy brands to foray into organic cheese-making and is soon establishing itself a leader in the race. Its range of cheddar, parmesan, mozzarella, and Gouda cheese account for a wide consumer base in the organic dairy industry.


The dairy industry operates at a mammoth scale, to cater to the milk and milk product demands from across the world. However, several environmental concerns, as well as awareness of healthier lifestyle choices, have led to a discernable shift in organic food & beverage consumption. Over the advent of time, these Organic Dairy Products are set to become vital to human diets, as an excellent lifestyle choice.

Image: Roberto Burgos S.

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