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Recipe for beetroot juice

recipe for beetroot juice

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Austrian Rudolf Brews, an alternative medical doctor, the whole of his life to finding the best natural cure for cancer. He came to the conclusion that malignant tumor cells can survive only with the help of solid food. Therefore, it is conceived of therapy for 42 days during which the patient must in your body to be introduced teas and special vegetable juice and fruit.

With the help of this method of cure over 45,000 people from cancer and other incurable diseases. He gave his patients beetroot juice, apples and carrots, which was eventually named – magical potion. To prepare this drink do not have to bother precisely specified quantities. According to taste, you can put more carrots or apples, but be advised that if you want to get the most out of juice, it has to have all the ingredients equally represented: for example, three carrots, apples, beets.

Use unpeeled organic fruits, fresh. In a food processor make the juice of all the ingredients, strain it, pour into a glass bottle and refrigerate. The infusion should not be additionally sweetened, but you should know that it is equally delicious with fresh lime or lemon juice, and so will also prevent the oxidation of juice. The juice should you drink in the morning on an empty stomach, and have breakfast after an hour. The beetroot beverage can drink twice a day, for example about 17 hours in the afternoon. It is recommended to drink slowly, and that each sips briefly in the mouth. You should drink it at least a month, but no longer than three months, if you want to achieve long-term effects on your health.

Beetroot juice, apples and carrots encourages digestion and weight loss, protects against ulcers. It brings plenty of nutrients in very few calories and prolongs the feeling of satiety. Cleans the body, particularly the liver and the blood, protect against infection. The infusion of these three ingredients is beneficial for the kidneys, liver and pancreas and studies have shown that this juice has everything you need for perfect skin. The wealth of natural ingredients slows down the aging process of the skin, gives it moisture, restores elasticity, “The alternative for you. ”¬†with the help of this tea, can solve the problem of dry, red and tired eyes, and women who have severe menstrual pain often should you drink this drink because it helps with painful cramps and PMS PSM. At the same time, makes up for the loss of iron and removes fatigue that is common during menstrual periods.

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