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The impact of tea on your health – 10 things you should know about

For thousands of years, the humble cup of tea has been heralded for its health boosting effects and therapeutic values. White, green and black teas are all regularly celebrated for their disease fighting faculties, while oolong tea remains a firm fixture of homegrown Chinese medicine. Nowadays you can find a lot sorts of teas in supermarket as you can see at Tea lovers can here save money at with a ocado vocher.

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It’s easy to feel overloaded by the so-called benefits of tea drinking, but if you’re serious about giving your diet an overhaul and your immune system the shot it needs, it might interest you to know a few key things about the classic tea leaf.

1. Cancer fighting qualities and recovery

Most tea varieties are bursting with antioxidants and may boast a whole host of cancer fighting qualities. Although some argue that the health benefits of tea have been overstated, some studies have shown green tea to be a useful defense against cellular degeneration and the replenishment of cells and tissue, making it a worthwhile complement to post radiation therapies.

2. Keeping hydrated with herbal tea

Getting enough liquids is pivotal to maintaining optimum body health. Everything from energy levels and concentration, to cell repair and longevity can be affected by the amount of water we consume. If you’re regularly consuming beverages that aren’t water, herbal tea can make a great alternative that won’t neglect your body’s need for hydration. While soft drinks and additive laden liquids can only dehydrate your system further, herbal teas will replenish and restore, helping you keep properly hydrated so you can focus on your day.

3. Coffee contains more caffeine. Period.

Contrary to what you’ve heard on the grapevine, tea doesn’t contain more caffeine than coffee. Gram for gram, a cup of tea contains only 25% of the caffeine content of its bean derived counterpart. That being said, if you’re a committed tea drinker who wants a fuller caffeine kick of a morning, there’s several varieties of potent tea leaves out there to give you the wake up call you’re after. Choose strong black teas for the perfect morning pick me up.

4. Give your immune system a helping hand with herbal teas

Regular tea drinking has been observed to boost immune activity and responses to infection. Participants who drank just a few cups a day reported positive responses, with improved immune defenses after just a few short weeks. From popular concoctions like lemon and ginger, to good old fashioned green, it’s easy to find a tea to please every palate that’ll bring immune system boosting effects in no time.

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5. Drinking tea can fight off the effects of nasty habits

Whether it’s a guilty night cap or secret smoking habit, our worst habits can be catastrophic to our health. If you’re still not ready to stub out for good, drinking the right blend of herbal teas is an ideal way of replenishing the vital vitamins and nutrients that smoking costs your system. When you’re finally ready to kick the habit for good, soothing teas make a great withdrawal remedy too.

6. The best beverage for a healthy smile

Compared to most beverages, most types of tea are relatively mild and friendly to your teeth and oral health. Without the sugars and abrasive additives found in soft drinks, juices and alcoholic beverages, tea makes a much more desirable choice for those looking to stave off a visit to the dentist. Switching out sugary drinks altogether with a more natural option will help ensure a whiter smile for years to come.

7. Take a moment to yourself with a cup of your favourite brew

Tea’s long been known for its calming and soothing effects, but did you know that drinking tea has had an observed effect on reducing the likelihood of stroke and heart attacks in at-risk patients? Black tea once again proved to be the preferred brew of the day, with its naturally occurring antioxidants and free radical fighting nutrients helping cut cholesterol and drastically reduce the odds of heart disease and strokes.

8. Milk’s over rated. Drink tea for stronger bones

Studies have shown that regular tea drinkers benefit from healthier teeth and bones, as well as improved bone density overall. Even with other lifestyle factors taken into account, long term tea drinking observed to be an important contributor to maintaining superior bone health. If you think a glass of milk is all you need for a healthy skeleton, think again.

9. Drinking tea could keep your brain sharp

Polyphenols found in green herbal teas are scientifically proven to combat the effects of neurological degeneration. Although research is ongoing, introducing a healthy dose of green tea into your daily diet could help stave off serious conditions like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, as well as help negate their effects in sufferers of the disorders.

10. Stop counting calories. Drink tea instead

Instead of reaching for calorie laden coffees, soft drinks and juices, consider herbal teas instead. Most tea varieties have next to zero calories, making them an ideal beverage for diabetes suffers and those looking to shift a few extra pounds from their waistline. An indispensable addition to any weight loss diet, green tea will become a firm fixture of your post diet regime for years to come.

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    As highlighted here, tea is a hydrating option, and studies show this beverage may have other benefits as well. Our member companies offer a wide array of beverage options in varying calorie counts and sizes – including tea, bottled water, soft drinks, sports drinks, and more. All of these types of beverages can be enjoyed as a part of a balanced diet and active life.

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