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Top Reasons to Switch to Sulfate and Paraben Free Shampoo

Sulfates and Parabens are common ingredients in shampoos. Today, both are looked upon with disdain by most consumers.

Sulfate and paraben free shampoo

So what are sulfates? When you shampoo your hair, you will find that it works up a rich lather. The ingredient in shampoos that give rise to this lather that we love is mostly Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS). SLS is a crystallized salt made of Sulfated Lauryl alcohol and works as a detergent. But today, more and more people are switching to sulfate and paraben free shampoo.

SLS is a surfactant:A surfactant is a chemical that reduces surface tension between a solidand a liquid. This reduced surface tension is responsible for the suds and thick lather produced by shampoos. After the removal of surface tension, the barrier between shampoo and hair is lost, enabling SLS to get rid of grime and dirt. But the problem is that sulfates are harsh and severe in their action.

What are parabens?These are used in most shampoos to prolong their shelf life. They are preservativesutilized to prevent growth of fungus and bacteria in shampoos. There are numerous types of parabens like methylparaben, ethylparaben, propylparaben and butylparaben. They have been in in use since last 70 years but today scientists are weighing their harmful effects.

Today, because of the harmful effects of sulfates and parabens in shampoo, people are going in for sulfate free shampoo and paraben free shampoo.

Here are some top reasons to switch to paraben and sulfate less products:

Sulfate and paraben free shampoo and conditioner and health:

Sulfates are commonly held responsible for irritation of scalp and damage to hair. According to recent studies, they have toxic impact on the body. Parabens can cause allergy and worsen some skin conditions.

Sulfates might be good at removing dirt and oil but studies have found it to be carcinogenic and toxic. They have been found to cause hair loss and thinning of hair. They inhibit growth of hair by damaging hair follicles.

Parabens, in reality, affix themselves to estrogen receptors and cause a mild impact like estrogen in the body. Hence, they are called as phytoestrogens. Increased levels of estrogen are linked to breast cancer. But direct impact of parabens on cancer has yet to be established, while most consumers find it better to be safe than sorry.

Sulfate and paraben free shampoo for color treated hair:

Such shampoo will not strip hair of any hair color or dye that you have used. Non-sulfate and non-paraben shampoo increase the longevity of hair treatments like coloring or keratin treatment. This will reduce the frequency of visits to the salon for re-treatment.

Sulfate and paraben free shampoo for AfricanAmerican hair:

African American hair is naturally curly and black. Sulfate filled formulas cause the hair to frizz and result in unmanageable frizzy hair. Sulfate less shampoo ahs gentle cleansing action that will moisturize curly hair and leave it easy to manage and style.

Paraben and sulfate free shampoo and other benefits:

Parabens are linked to skin irritations like rosacea and dermatitis and even causes allergy in small kids. Sulfates can damage eyes.To use sulfate and paraben free products, consult sulfate and paraben free shampoo list online.


Thus, paraben and sulfate filled products have mostly adverse impact on human health and qualities of hair. It is wise to go for products that do not contain such chemicals. Such products are easily available at drug stores, beauty shops and online.

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