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Whey – healing properties

Whey for nutritional composition and beneficial effect on the human body plays a more prominent place in the diet. Although it is often avoided and unjustly neglected, whey increasingly emerges as a prized drink. Learn how you can help to strengthen your body and lose weight.


Whey is rich in protein, vitamins (B2, B6, B12, C, K), amino acids, enzymes, minerals that preserve life (calcium, phosphor potassium, magnesium), prevent demineralization of the organs and bones and many other health and development of living beings, necessary matter. Minerals maintain tone cells and prevent high blood pressure, stroke, and heart attack. The proteins prevent osteoporosis, regulate cholesterol, stop the effect of dental plaque, increase muscle mass, strengthen the immune system, reduce stress and which regenerates very important the liver.

It has been shown that whey and leads to a faster regeneration of diseased cells in the human organism. It is used in the production of baby food as a substitute for breast milk, ice cream and dietary products. In the pharmaceutical industry it is used for preparing a composition comprising regenerating the skin and prevents the aging process.

In folk medicine used to treat chest diseases, anemia and to regulate digestion. How does not contain a lot of calories (95 percent water) is used in feeding regimes aimed at weight loss and cellulite removal. If used regularly helps the body expel toxics and excess fluid.

If you want to quickly sculpt the body, try a three-day diet that basically contains a lot of whey. Meals should be smaller, and to be taken at every two and half to three hours. Choose easily digestible foods, and some meals can fully replace whey. The success of the child depends on fluid intake, and recommended that every day drink two liters of unsweetened and non-carbonated beverages.

Chemically produced drugs burdening the liver, as foreign and unnatural substances for the body and therefore recommends taking whey during this kind of treatment.

When conducting therapy for liver regeneration with the help of whey is required for an extended period of time every day to drink whey (from 0.5 to 1 L) and thereby avoid fatty foods, alcohol, cigarettes and any other toxins and substances that damage the liver. In order to achieve better and faster healing desirable at the same time regularly used in food and cheese. It is best to eat for breakfast and on an empty stomach.

Preparation and application of whey

whey recipeThe best thing about whey is that you can make yourself from raw milk homemade or purchased in markets or in shops eco-food, or is available from local producers.

Goat whey is the best, but it is good and cow. The most important is that it is a pasture animals are not “pumped” hormones.

Of the 10 liters of milk on average to obtain one kilogram of cheese and nine liters of whey.

Because he has diuretic properties, whey is initially recommended to drink moderately, but you can drink three times a day for 1.5 deciliter, and gradually this dose can be increased up to a liter a day.

If you have indigestion, just mix a tablespoon of whey in a glass of water and drink before each meal.

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