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Why organic food?

Are we truly aware of what the food that we eat contains? Let us consider the advantages that organic food has to offer.

It is not a secret that most food producers use a considerable number of health hazardous pesticides in order to achieve a greater yield and thus a greater profit. An apple grown this way is pleasing to the eye but even after rinsing, it can still contain more than 30 different pesticides. This means good news for their bank accounts but it definitely isn’t good news for our health.

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Back from the period following World War II to the present day the quality of food has doubtlessly dropped. For example, the level of vitamin C that fruit contain nowadays is not the same as it used to be 60 years ago. One should also keep in mind that various hormone agents and antibiotics given to livestock are also highly harmful for one’s health.

Pesticides and other chemical substances are being brought into connection with lots of diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer’s, various allergies, obesity and so forth. It is natural to expect that introducing toxins into our organisms would eventually result in various reactions in our bodies.

All the above mentioned serve as a good enough reason to be well informed of the advantages of organic food. Organic food is produced on an ecologically safe soil, in clean environment and without the use of chemical agents. Only the food that is produced this way can be called healthy and can provide us with what our organisms need in order to function properly. Not so long ago it was pointless even to mention such a thing since there was no other kind of food. That is why we shouldn’t forget what nature can create us and what man can create in his laboratories.

It is well known that organic food contains up to 50% more nutritive material, vitamins and minerals. Besides this, the taste and aroma of healthy and high-quality organic food is significantly different from the one that has been artificially produced. This is what reminds the elder generations of their youth and gives us all a complete sense of pleasure.

In order to consider vegetables organically produced food, they need to be grown by taking the following rules into consideration:

  • Pesticides and herbicides or any other similar agents are not to be used.
  • The fields in which organic food is grown shouldn’t be chemically treated for at least three years before the organic production.
  • The field should also have its clear borders so that the plants wouldn’t come into contact with the chemicals used in the neighbouring fields.
  • Genetic engineering is forbidden – all needs to be in accordance with the laws of nature.
  • Problems caused by pests should be treated by natural means – by setting traps and baits, using species that are natural enemies of specific pests.

When it comes to organic food that is of animal origin, the rules are the following: hormones that artificially enhance the growth of animals as well as any kinds of drugs or artificial agents are not to be part of livestock feed.

Therefore, if you care for your health and the health of your family, choose organic food. Once you get used to it, you will be unable to turn back to mass-produced and unhealthy fruit, vegetables and meat with no taste. At first you might expectedly have problems concerning the availability and the price of organic food, however, if you make a bit of an effort, local markets and nearby villages are all ideal finding places of high-quality, fresh and aromatic products provided by Mother Nature. One must not forget that the committed and hardworking farmers will be more than thankful for this.

The benefits affecting one’s health are, of course, immense…


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